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Alessandro Ghedini: Rakudo Perl 6 2012.01 uploaded to unstable

Posted: April 25, 2012 / in: Linux / No comments

I’ve uploaded yesterday the rakudo package version 0.1~2012.01-1 to unstable. It ships the Rakudo upstream release from January, running on top of the Parrot stable release 4.0.0 (which was uploaded earlier).

Rakudo is a compiler that implements the Perl 6 specification and runs on top of the Parrot virtual machine. Perl 6 is a major revision to the Perl programming language, which introduces elements of many modern and historical languages (if you are interested you may have a look at some nice articles, and at the talk of Damyan Conway, about Perl 6).

This is the first upload since a few months, and the first release being uploaded to Debian based on the


(New Object Model) development branch of Rakudo, which opened the door for substantial performance improvements. This release brings other nice things too, such as the support for meta-programming, better package and exception handling and more.

The latest upstream release 2012.04 (which brings, among other things, improvements in startup times thanks to bounded serialization) has been released a few days ago and uses the new Parrot stable release 4.3.0 (which has been released about a week ago), so we hope to test and upload both in time for the Wheezy freeze (and hopefully we’ll be a bit more timely for future updates too).

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