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Buculei: A history of Mozilla browsers design

Posted: April 27, 2012 / in: Linux / No comments

On his blog, Nicu Buculei has an interesting retrospective of browser design, complete with screen shots. Readers may or may not agree with his opinions, but the walk down memory lane is fun. “[It's] debatable if their move to rewrite the entire suite from scratch was a good thing or not (on one hand it was a chance to get rid of the old cruft, on the other it was a huge delay), but here I talk only about the design, so the rewrite brought also a new interface and new widgets. At the time there were “milestone release” from the development tree, working to various degrees. It also has a new interface with a “futuristic”, non-native, look, to show the power of XUL and allowed for a new feature: theming – at the time making the interface themeable was the rage of the industry, I don’t know who invented it, but Winamp (by then also an AOL property, as Netscape) made it really popular.

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