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"Dear Community – II" from Mandriva

Posted: May 3, 2012 / in: Linux / 1 comment

The Mandriva blog has another
letter to the community
with very little in the way of actual useful
information. “The Mandriva Linux project has the right to be given a
space in which it may expand and the contributors and afficionados a place
where they can express their talents. We are precisely working on this
right now and during the next two weeks. We will announce the direction we
intend to give to the project during the third week of May. It makes no
doubt that it’ll be difficult to satisfy each an every expectation and
wish, as they’re many of them and some are not compatible with the other,
but we’ll try to achieve what can be useful and most promising for the
community and, with it, the Mandriva Linux project.

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