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Märdian: Openmoko/OpenPhoenux GTA04 jumps off

Posted: December 24, 2012 / in: Linux / No comments

Lukas ‘Slyon’ Märdian looks
at an Openmoko based smartphone
. The Openmoko smartphone efforts were
abandoned some time ago, but Golden Delicious Computers has taken the code
and created the OpenPhoenux GTA04. “Golden Delicious Computers and
the enthusiasts from the Openmoko community started off with the idea of
stuffing a BeagleBoard into a Neo Freerunner case and connecting an USB
UMTS dongle to it – this was the first prototype GTA04A1, announced in late
2010 and presented at OHSW 2010 and FOSDEM 2011.
” At this time
there are about 300 GTA04(A3+A4) devices in the wild and the company has
GTA04A5 phones in production. (Thanks to Paul Wise)

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