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Start your week with meeting NetBSD

Posted: May 28, 2012 / in: BSD / No comments

Author: Mike M. Volokhov.

After weekend, on Monday, I usually warming myself up. It’s always good to read an interesting article or meet eminent people to set a pitch for the week. This week such a reading was from Billy Toulas of the unixmen.com, popular Unix/Linux online magazine who just interviewed Martin Husemann.

Martin is one of those people with whom the NetBSD Project is strongly associated. He’s former member of the NetBSD Board, and today is acting as sparc64 Portmaster and as part of NetBSD Security and Release Engineering teams. But don’t be confused with all those loud names — Martin is very friendly man who fantastically can explain complex things.

The reading is interesting and long, and contains a number of amusing little know facts, so take a big popcorn pack, or start build.sh over NetBSD 6.0 BETA2 (just as like I did) and enjoy the interview.

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