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Tanguy Ortolo: Signing-party and crypto conference in Paris

Posted: May 12, 2012 / in: Linux / No comments

Statue of Saint Peter holding the heaven's key

Monday 21st during at 18:45, in Paris, there will be a conference organized by Parinux, where I will explain the principles
of cryptography and their application in the SSL and PGP systems. This
conference will be followed at 20:30 by a signing-party PGP et CAcert.

For the signing-party, I will ask participants to:

  1. generate a key pair if you do not already have one;
  2. send me you public key and
  3. print some copies of your key fingerprint;
  4. print the list of participants I will send you;
  5. come with all that stuff and one or two identity documents.

This is a partial translation of the full article I wrote in French, in case
foreigners could attend. Sorry for the very late notice…

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