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Ubuntu developers: Benjamin Kerensa: Technical Diagram of How Unity Shopping Lens Likely Works

Posted: September 26, 2012 / in: Linux / Comments Off

I was testing Unity Shopping Lens on Ubuntu 12.10 Beta using Wireshark and so far my understanding looking at Amazon’s API and monitoring packets is that the Shopping Lens works something like below:


So despite what we have been told about no end-user information to include IP Addresses or queries going to Amazon it seems to some degree that is not correct as you can see in the below Wireshark Screenshot in addition to Canonical IP’s my system also is communicating with Amazon’s servers as I type queries into the dash as I explain above:

Unity Shopping Lens - Wireshark is an Amazon IP Address associated with their Product Advertising API. My system sends HTTP requests to it.

Anyway I can clearly see that my client does communicate with Amazon so I can say with little doubt that part is correct about how things occur once they get to alkes.canonical.com that is another question but considering Amazon’s API is pretty straightforward I would imagine this is pretty close to how the transactions occur.

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