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Ubuntu developers: Charlene Tessier: A New Year = New Ideas = New Challenges!

Posted: May 4, 2012 / in: Linux / No comments

I know my blog posts have been less than usual. I have not forgotten about you. In fact, just the opposite. I have been working on a few projects and soon – very soon – there will be all kinds of interesting posts coming your way. In addition, I decided its time to take FrenchFortuneCookie: Be Techno Chic to the next level. A major overhaul is in progress! With so many ideas, I wish I had more time to actually execute them all! If only I was paid to do this….(I’m working on that too) ;)

What’s to Come?

  • Re-branding, Renaming and a New Focus for FrenchFortuneCookie
  • New Blog/Website with More Features and Information
  • Follow Team YVR6 (I’m in this team!) – Journey to Launch A Start up – No this isn’t just an exercise in ‘learning’ – Real People, Real Market, Real Mentors, Real Funding (finger’s crossed)
  • Freebies and Goodies Coming Your Way in May!

2012 is going to be an Awesome Year!


On a Sad Note: Sending Love to Beastie Boys – Got a lot of good memories tied to their music.

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